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Sand Mountain Bloodhounds

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Bama was our first Bloodhound.

She is what gave us our passion,and love for

Bloodhounds.She is an amazing lady


We are located in the Beautiful Mountains of Northeast Alabama. We have had and been raising Bloodhounds since 2003. Our First Bloodhound, Bama inspired us. We got her and were blown away in how smart, beautiful, and loyal Bloodhounds are. They are Amazing family companions. We have four children that have been raised up around our gang and share the same passion and excitement that Bloodhounds bring. Bloodhounds are indeed a breed of their own; they are truly amazing in so many ways. They bring joy into your life and make you smile every day. You have not lived until you have owned a Bloodhound.

  We have been so blessed to have our Bloodhounds. This has come from loads of work from all of us, we are very picky in whom we buy from, what lines we get, how they have been used and what lines we put together to acquire the perfect Bloodhound. We have lines from all over the country that include Hall of Famers, Loads of champions and import lines. We are very proud of that, but our main goal is health after that follows the beauty in which a bloodhound should have shines. The big noble head, perfect eyes, loads of wrinkles, and those super long ears, which you can find in our puppies. It is very hard to get an excellent quality bloodhound these days. Lots of people have thought about money instead of the health and well-being of their Bloodhounds. We only own AKC reg. Bloodhounds and that is the way it will always be. All of our puppies are Full AKC reg, and are sold at a reasonable price. All we want is for our babies to go to a wonderful home to be loved forever.

However there are still spiteful people out there, 
It has come to our attention that some of our precious babies has landed in the wrong hands.Meaning different Puppy Mills that we would NEVER sell to has used false information and even went to all the trouble to drive many states away to pick up our babies we flown to the airport that we thought was going to a wonderful home.This makes us sick.There for, We reserve the right to do a background check ,and any further investigation that we dean necessary,and will deny you of one of our babies if found unacceptable or you raise our suspicion.We have worked very hard for many years,and only want the best for our babies.This is our Passion!We DO NOT take this lightly.If Anyone out there has any information they would like to share please let us know.We wanted to let people know how far and low Puppy Mills are willing to go so this will not happen to you. This is to help all of the Upstanding Bloodhound Breeders out there.

Bloodhound Info:

Bloodhounds (also known as the St. Hubert hound) is a large breed of dog that was bred specifically to track human beings by scent. It is famed for its ability to follow scents hours or even days old over great distances. Its extraordinarily keen nose is combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct, producing the ideal scenthound or blood tracking dog, and it is used by police and law enforcement the world over to track escaped prisoners, missing persons, and even missing animals.

 Bloodhounds have an affectionate, gentle, and even-tempered nature, so they make excellent family pets.  

Bloodhounds weigh from 80 to 160 lb. They stand 23 to 27 inches high at the withers. According to the AKC standard of the breed, larger dogs are to be preferred by conformation judges. The acceptable colors for bloodhounds are black and tan, liver and tan, or red. In the Middle Ages, they also occurred in other solid colors, including white (on chest, toes and tail) – colors that appear in other breeds descended from the early bloodhounds. Bloodhounds possess an unusually large skeletal structure with most of their weight concentrated in their bones, which are very thick for their length.

Contact us anytime. We have lots of references to put you contact with. We would be more than happy to talk with you .Thanks for stopping by!

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